I'm sure that anyone will agree that music can evoke all sorts of feelings, from love and happiness to sadness or silliness. And, no matter what moment or feeling, there's almost always a song that goes with that...a soundtrack to life, of sorts. Thinking back over the last few years, there have been quite a few songs that have played in my mind as I've reflected on things.....

1) SWV - Right Here/Human Nature Remix
My favorite song from the time I was young, and an accompanying tune to many fun times (Or, since I'd listen to the CD while cleaning, many days scrubbing down the kitchen).

2) Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
This....was one of the songs that marked a moment in time where I was a complete and total nut as a kid. I came to class late one day when I was in first grade (Back around '86-'87). I had just heard this song somehow, and when the teacher asked me why I was late, I burst into singing this while doing that crazy dance....go figure.

3) Zhane - Shame
This song has always reminded me of when I first started creating characters. In addition to being one of my favorite dance numbers, this was one of the songs I listened to while I was sitting down with pencil in hand, creating goofy characters for games or RPGs that didn't exist. Now, with the Internet and Macromedia Flash, all that has changed...

4) Amel Larrieux - Infinite Possibilities
Since this was the only tape I'd had in the car while I was transporting my family's belongings from our home in Redford to the one in Canton, I ended up listening to (and liking) this song on each trip. Eventually, I began to associate it with this major move (Especially all the work involved in packing up our house...) with this song. I also think of this as a positive change with the potential for lots of good times

5) Color Me Badd - I Adore Mi Amor
Picture Florida, 1991. Picture me in a white spandex Ninja Turtles biking outfit and blue sneakers...oy, the fashion trends we followed then! But I was younger and firmer, and... Anyway, this song came out when my family was driving around Orlando, heading to Universal Studios for a trip that was one of the best I'd ever had....even if we didn't have the money for souveniers....

6) Cece Peniston - Keep on Walking
About a year after the Florida trip (And the last year I could actually wear spandex...), I started middle school. Yes, a new town, new school district, and right before my wardrobe became all about Cross Colours and bootleg Looney Tunes tees...

7) Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
8) Survivor - Destiny's Child

My official break-up songs. Not breaking up with a girlfriend (As I've been single since I've been in diapers), but breaking off a bad situation. Whether kicking a bad former friend to the curb or giving a two-week (or less) notice, these songs remind me of how I have to pull up my socks and move on, knowing that I'll survive.

9) Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
Better known as the ghetto wedding/prom anthem, this song always calls to mind going out to shop or hang out on a rainy Friday or Saturday night (Which, oddly, is one of my favorite types of weather. Call me crazy, but I actually like the rain!). And, yes, I do think of ghetto weddings when I hear this song...

10) Selena - I'm Getting Used To You
Ah, Selena! One of the fallen stars of the last few years whose music has touched me deeply (And has taken up most of my order forms to the music clubs). I remember I'd started listening to her music not too long after she'd died. My mom's friend, who happened to be Mexican-American, was a huge Selena fan, as were her children. Eventually, my sister got a CD from her, and I got that CD from my sister. This happens to be one of my favorite tracks from the "Dreaming Of You" album.

11) Incognito - Change [Bluey Remix]
Anyone who knows me knows that Incognito is my absolute FAVORITE band! Yes! If they had band posters and bumper stickers, they'd be all over my room! Buuut....since you can't exactly get their paraphanaelia at Hot Topic, I just have to settle for most of their American releases (As they're a British band, and acid jazz isn't exactly huge here in America). This is one of my favorites that I will always think of when I drove on the freeway alone for the first time. In fact, it was my first day at Oakland Community College....well, the first day of the spring that I'd gotten my license (Which was about 2001). I'll always remember getting flicked off by the crazy Jewish lady in the purple Jaguar....

12) Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are?
Another favorite British band, this is my favorite song by the phenomenon known as the Spice Girls. But it was more than just fun, upbeat music. Listening to them while attending a high school where, if you listened to anything outside of rap or R&B, helped me to basically not give a care what people thought of me. You see, I didn't like the vulgar lyrics of rap music, and every R&B song out then was about playas, hustlers, and women whining about their men cheating on them (This was around the time "Waiting To Exhale" came out to theaters, so most music was that sappy schtuff). It was nice to hear some songs that weren't about having ten girlfriends or setting a guy's car on fire because he came home smelling like cheap perfume....

13) Smooth - Mind Blowin'
When I was in the 8th grade, my cousin bought a brand new Dodge Spirit in forest green. And, my cousin had some rather interesting music in her collection. Oh, she and I went around town many days in her car, and this was the song that she'd often play, at maximum volume, while crusing through the suburbs of Detroit. I still get that new car smell whenever I hear this song.

14) Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
Ch-ch-Chak-chak-chaka Khan! Chaka Khan! It goes without saying that I'd end up liking some of my mother's favorite music (Okay, a lot of her music!). And Chaka Khan is one of her favorite performers, especially her older music. Of all of Chaka's songs, this one happens to be my favorite. I always think of fun times with my mother when I hear this. And, yes, I blast this when driving her home from work (When she doesn't make me put that darned Dramatics CD in...)

15) Charlie's Angels Theme
A showtune, you might ask?? Well, this one is associated with starting school at Schoolcraft College. You see, my first year there, I had to be up at 5 a.m. to catch the van with the employees from the psychiatric hospital across the street in order to make it to class on time. Guess what show came on at 5 a.m. that soon became my favorite?? I also ended up with the nickname "Bosley" because of this...

16) Destiny's Child - Say My Name
This one makes me think of my job. In nearly two years on the job, I may have seen one person quit or get fired...except for the student employees. You see, most students don't even work more than one semester without either not coming back or getting busted for stealing. My friend Kristina and I have been there together almost two years and have seen many students come and go while we've been constant, much like the once ever-changing lineup fo the group Destiny's Child. And guess which song is most associated with the lineup changes due to the slightly-confusing video??

17) Incognito - Good Love
Remember your first car?? When I got mine (Well, one that I co-own with my sister), 100 Degrees and Rising by Incognito had just arrived by mail. Oh, whenever I'd go roaring down the freeway, that CD would be in the player, and this track was one that usually got played. So I'll always think of how happy I was to have my first car when I hear this song.

18) TLC - Waterfalls
A TLC fan from the beginning, this song was one that sticks out in my mind very well. You see, when the video was being played in heavy rotation on MTV, my family was in a hotel waiting for our apartment to be finished. Even though we were stuck in a dank room at the Knights' Inn, we were happy as we had each other. I can remember trying to keep myself entertained by joking with the hotel staff and lighting HBO guides on fire. And when I wasn't in the mood for being obnoxious, I was in the room watching MTV. Usually, this song was playing, and like so many, I was hooked!

19) Incognito - Wild And Peaceful (K-Dope Remix)
20) Amel Larrieux feat. Mos Def - Get Up (Thread Had Fun Remix)
21) Toni Braxton - I Belong To You REMIX

As for these......I just like remixes!!

If I were to release my own album, maybe this is what the art might look like....