These are figures of members of the gorup Q Force, customized from old fashion dolls (Specifically, 12.5" dolls from the JEM and Darci toy lines). Daisy, made from a Raya doll, was the first one completed, which was sometime around Winter 2000. Michelle (Made from a Clash doll) and Felicia (Made out of a 1st., then a 2nd. Edition Shana doll) were finished next, both of them done soon after. It would be several months before Kina, made from a re-rooted and dentally-extracted 1st. Edition Aja, reached completion, which was around the Autumn of 2001. Though I'm not exactly an artist, all features have been hand-painted. Except for the eyes, which simply had the irises repainted, most of the original face paint was removed. Much of the clothing and jewelry has also been hand-made. Felicia's bodysuit and metallic jacket were made by Barbara Cook of Shana's Fashions, and Kina's outfit was done by Jimi Theodoropoulos.

Please click on the images for larger pics (The first five were taken in March 2001, and the rest -- The somewhat blurrier ones -- were taken about a year later with a different camera). THe very last photo, which includes Kiara (Made from a blonde Darci doll), was taken in August of 2002 with a 35mm camera.

And, in case you're wondering, yes, they are posing as Charlie's Angels (With weapons borrowed from my Power Ranger collection)