Full Name: Daisy Guadalupe Quintanilla
D.O.B.: May 12
Age: 22
Instrument: Keyboards
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano
Likes: Anime, Gourmet Cooking
Hates: Conformity, Mice
Height: 154 cm. (5'10")
Hair: Magenta
Eyes: Teal
Blood Type: B
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Daisy is the big sister figure of the group. She is as sweet as pie, but has the most off-the-wall sense of humor and can always make her friends laugh. Often shunned by other children when she was a girl, Daisy turned to comic books and, later, musical instruments as an outlet for her creativity. She later became one of the founding members of the group and now handles all of the technical aspects of the music, including creating all of the remixes. Daisy is also the resident chef of the group and always looks after the physical well-being of her friends.