These sets originated from I edited them to match my characters more closely, tho. If the first set looks familiar, it's because the outfits were inspired by Destiny's Child's video, "Say My Name" (If you wanna get technical, Felicia = Beyonce, Daisy = Kelly, Kiara = Michelle, Kina = Farrah).
These next two reflect the changes in the group's lineup. Originally, Kina was supposed to go on into Eclypse, but she was replaced by Daisy. At the point I created the set on the left, I had not yet created Jasmine. And the set on the right, which is featured on the site's main page, is actually used on my mailing labels!
These technically aren't cartoon dollz, but were made from video game sprites. The pic of Eclypse was created from the Super Nintendo Power Rangers games, and the little pics of Daisy and Felicia started out as sprites from teh game "Sailormoon: Another Story". Cute, huh?