Unless noted, all of these images were drawn, scanned, and colored by me using Paint Shop Pro!

The first album cover I designed for Q Force. It's not the final one, tho. I toyed with several designs before I went with this minimalist look. A cover for a remix album that I designed using my color keys for each character. This was never released in the game, tho. My first fanart, SD anime-type image of the original group. Notice there's no strings on either guitar or any keys on Daisy's keyboard, I think it looks nicer without them!
For this album, I designed two covers. The one on the left was done about a month before the other, but the one on the right wound up being used in the game. Just think of one as the import ^_^ Yes, my first (and last) fanart with the five-girl group.This one took about two days to edit to get right (And it's still not perfect, but, oh well...)
Yes, the Jem doll box!! Inspired by my friend, Grant, I created a box for my custom dolls. This one happens to be Daisy's! Tho it's not perfect (No palm trees or confetti), I think I managed to get it pretty close with just a pic of a NRFB 2nd. Edition Aja!! This one was actually done some time ago. It's a drawing of Felicia, and it was drawn on an old homework paper. Sophisticated, ne?? And this! I made a mini poster, announcing the change in the group's name from Q Force to Eclypse, as well as this being the first picture of Jasmine!
And these....these were made by my friend Grant (With some slight edits done by me)! These actually are how the girls might look in the Jem cartoon!! I was especially floored when I first saw true to the customized dolls, plus they look so cool!!