Full Name: Felicia Orchid Adams
D.O.B.: November 5
Age: 24
Instrument: Bass Guitar, Saxaphone
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano
Likes: Power Lunches, Hot Bubble Baths
Hates: Inefficiency
Height: 145 cm (5'6)
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Brown (With Burgundy Flecks)
Blood Type: AB
Ethnicity: African-American, Half Jamaican
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Felicia is the lead vocalist of the group and also handles much of their business. The oldest of six children, she grew up in a musically-oriented environment and even joined an R&B group right after high school. A few telephone calls led to her joining and fronting the original band. Of all the girls, Felicia is the most serious and business-minded, as she handles most of the business end of the group. She also tends to be a mother figure for the girls, even if they don't always appreciate it. Though she rarely loses her composition, she does have a short fuse and, at times, a raging temper.