Full Name: Jasmine Ayana LeVert
D.O.B.: December 30
Age: 23
Instrument: None
Voice: Alto
Likes: Parties, Attention
Hates: Police Officers
Height: 152 cm (5'9")
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Blood Type: B
Ethnicity: African-British
Hometown: Leeds, England
Born in England from Senegalese immigrants, Jasmine lived the life of a working-class English girl until she was discovered for the all-girl Brit pop group, Dreamboat, at the age of thirteen. The group enjoyed smashing success in their home country as well as throughout Europe, but tragedy and scandal led the group to ruin. Because of her sometimes wild behavior as part of Dreamboat, Jasmine quickly became a constant fixture on the London party circuit once the group disbanded. But trying to get a recording contract in Britain was almost impossible, for she and her former group members had been blacklisted from any recording companies in Europe. Jamsine realized that the only way she could ever have a chance at being a performer and fulfilling the need to be onstage again was to move to America (Seeing as how news of the group's troubles never left Europe). No matter where she lands, her passion is partying, and as long as there's plenty of people and great music, she thrives. She also tends to dress a bit over the top at times, and rather than wearing extremely revealing attire, she goes for loud colors, animal prints, and obscure fashions.