Full Name: Kiara Rayne Avalon
D.O.B.: August 1
Age: 20
Instrument: Violin, Bass Guitar
Voice: Soprano
Likes: Classical Music, Reading
Dislikes: Jets, Nosy People
Height: 136 cm. (5'2)
Hair: Black (Natural Color, Currently Blue)
Eyes: Violet
Blood Type: O
Ethnicity: Biracial (Native American and Haitian)
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Born into wealth, but orphaned at twelve (Her parents died in a jet crash), Kiara truly knows how it is to go from riches to rags. She is the youngest member of the group and joined midway through the group's first tour due to Felicia's sudden illness. Because of her extensive musical background, Kiara composes the group's music, as well as adding different touches to the lyrics. Offstage, she is the quietest of the quartet, and tends to keep to herself much of the time (Because of her troubled youth, Kiara has had to keep much of her life a secret). She is also the most sensitive of the group, and is sometimes prone to emotional outbursts.