In a distant dimension lived a planet ruled by a fair and beloved royal family. Though the people had their share of problems, their lives were full of contentment and peace. The planet, Kansei, ran on a special type of energy, one harnessed from deep within the planet itself. Formed beneath the surface of the planet, energy prisms gave the people all of the energy that they needed, and was a completely clean source of power. But, a group of people started to question the planet's energy source, believing that it might not last with the planet's demanding new technology. The people eventualy found a leader, the planet's exiled Princess Kara. Little did the people know that Kara had her own evil intentions, exploiting the people's concern and leading Kansei to a civil war. The strain on the planet's resources eventually led to a near annihilation of the citizens of the planet, and the few survivors had to flee to distant galaxies. When it was found out that Kara would lead her minions in an attack on the planet Earth, the King sent his son, Prince Xiro, to Earth to find a group of defenders to stop the renegade princess and her army.

Using some of the planet's remaining energy, Xiro forged new power prisms to be harnessed by his chosen group of warriors. Upon his arrival on Earth, the prisms began to absorb some of the energy of the planet, taking on characteristics of different terrains: Mountain, Tundra, Forest, Desert and Savannah. It was up to Xiro to find his warriors within the city of Thunder Hills, which was home to a rather large power plant and was Kara's target. Xiro carefully chose his warriors to represent each element of the earth, as well as each of the five terrains.