Name: Missy
Alias: "Cindy Craps-A-Lot", "Pukey Patti"
Age: 18
D.O.B.: October 22
Hometown: Hollywood
Likes: Syrup of Ipecac, Metamucil
Dislikes: Anything fried, Constipation
Hobby: Crash Dieting
Hero: Calista Flockhart
Motto: "I, like, think more girls our age should take Correctol!!"
Missy became Saban Venus after she found her power pen on the ground and used it to induce vomiting. She is only slightly smarter than Becky, which explains why she's 18 years old and still a high school freshman (That, and her year in Betty Ford for abusing Ex-Lax) . She likes a nice, cleansing purge and bowel movement every few hours and enjoys a nightly enema. She once started a petition to allow a stomach pump in the school cafeteria.