"Douse yourself in water and repent!!!"

In times of crisis, the one who always keeps her head on in and out of battle is Sailor Mercury. Her analytical thinking and wizardry with calculations have gotten her friends out of many a jam, and also make up for her physical weaknesses. Whenever a complex situation arises, the first one that is counted on for a plan is Mercury. Out of battle, she is shy, quiet, and intellectual, though she opens up as the series progresses. For the first part of Sailor Moon (Season 1), she serves as a mediator between Rei and Usagi, for they fight so much!! Yet, she sees Usagi not just as a princess or a warrior, but as a young girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Mercury is my absolute favorite Senshi because of her intelligence, quick thinking, and sensitivity, as well as her henshin and cool water attacks!!!

When not in battle, Sailor Mercury is better known as Mizuno Ami (Mizuno = Of the Water, Ami = Friend or Beauty - I can't get a clear definition) or Amy Anderson in the U.S. and Canada. Her birthday is September 20, making her birthstone sapphire and her star sign (For you Zodiac fans) Virgo. Like Usagi, she attends Juuban Junior High (Crossroads Junior High [The dub says that she attended Brighton Academy before transferring to Crossroads]), then Juuban High. She likes all of her subjects, especially math. Ami's hobby is...studying. She spends more time studying than do any of the other Inner Senshi, so she gets better grades than them, or anyone else in their school, for that matter. (There's a running gag where her nose is usually kept inside of a book. While it gets somewhat stale after time, apparently, the Japanese find it adorable). In addition to studying, Ami loves reading, anmitsu, and sandwiches (So that she can eat and read at the same time), as well as doing calculations for fun. She dislikes, however, yellow tail tuna and love letters (See Ami-chan No Hatsukoi!!!). One day, she hopes to be a doctor, but until she goes to medical school, Ami is just as happy being a studious teenager.

"Mercury Power, Make Up!!!" (Mercury Power)
Says this to transform into Sailor Mercury
"Shabon Spray!!" (Mercury Bubbles, BLAST!!!")
Generates a single water-based bubble in her hands. She then turns around and crosses her wrists over her face. As she thrusts her hands apart, the one bubble turns into many bubbles that fly to her target. This attack usually causes a thick fog, thus deterring her target's vision.

"Shabon Spray Freezing!!" (Mercury Ice Bubbles, FREEZE!!")
Same as above, only the bubbles turn to ice and can freeze her target.
"Mercury Star Power, Make Up!!" (Mercury Star Power!!")
Says this to transform into Sailor Mercury later in the series
"Shine Aqua Illusion!" ("Mercury Icestorm, BLAST!!!", "Shine Aqua Illusion!")
Generates a giant blast of water that can either freeze her target or act as a water attack
(*Note: In the dub, Sailor Mercury uses the original attack name later in the series)

"Mercury Crystal Power!!" (Says this to transform into Super Sailor Mercury)
"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"

Seiyuu Voice: Hisakawa Aya
English Dub Voice:
Karen Bernstein, Lisa Balkan

"I will beat you up in the name of Mars!!!"

She's strong, she's exotic, she's got the fiery gaze that can stop a man dead in his tracks...she's Sailor Mars!! The fiery Shinto priestess was found third by Luna to be the pyrotechnical Sailor Senshi! Mars has a strong personality that is often misconstrued as being brash and evil, especially to poor, ditzy Sailor Moon (Particularly if you've only seen the English version of the series), but things aren't always what they seem. You see, Rei is a disciplined, yet sometimes harsh and stubborn, girl who HAD to become strong minded to both take her place as a Shinto priestess and based on her looks (So, Usagi isn't the only victim...). This results in many arguments and a rivalry between them that ends once the girls become closer. Though they still have disputes later on, they are true sisters in spirit.

Sailor Mars is better known as Hino Rei (Rei = Spirit, Hino = Of Fire) in both versions (As well as the international), with a few spelling changes in her first name (Raye in North America). Rei was born (On Earth) April 17, making her an Aries (For those of you who follow star signs). She, unlike the other Inner Senshi, attends T*A Private Girls School (Brookside Private School), a Catholic school (Now, why a Shinto girl would go to a Catholic school is beyond me!!). Her favorite subject is Ancient World History, and she hates Modern History. Rei loves fugu (puffer fish), chocolate, vegetatian pizza, telling fortunes, and world-class FLIRTING!! Sailor Mars dreams to one day be either a musician or a Shinto priestess. She lives at Hikawa Jinja (Cherry Hill Temple) with her grandfather because, according to the manga, her mother died when Rei was young and her father is a politician who only sees his daughter a few times a year.

"Mars Power, Make Up!!!" ("Mars Power!")
Says this to transform into Sailor Mars
"Akuryou Taisan" ("Mars Fireballs, CHARGE!!!")
Uses a Japanese scroll to paralyze enemy. *NOTE - She has this power before she became Sailor Mars. It is not connected to her Senshi powers.
"Fire Soul" ("Mars Fire, IGNITE!!!")
Shoots a fireball at the enemy

"Fire Soul Bird" ("Mars Firebird, Strike!!!")
Uses her scroll and her fireball together to create a flaming bird projectile
"Mars Star Power, Make Up!!!" ("Mars Star Power!!")
Says this to transform into Sailor Mars
"Burning Mandala" ("Mars Celestial Fire, SURROUND!!!")
Surrounds herself with flaming rings, then hurls them at the enemy

"Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!!"
Says this to become Super Sailor Mars
"Mars Flame Sniper!!"
Generates a bow and arrow made of fire and shoots the arrow at the enemy

Seiyuu Voice: Tomizawa Michie
English Dub Voice:
Katie Griffin, Emilie Barlow

"I will punish you until you electrify!!!"

Sailor Jupiter is, by far, a superwoman. She cooks like a master chef, can clean a septic tank spotless, and is stronger than most men. She was the fourth Senshi found by Luna, as her symbol (A number 4, which is actually similar to the sign for the planet Jupiter) indicates. As strong as she is, she would never dream of bullying innocent people and only fights to protect innocent people. She also has a heart of gold, and is loyal and honest. She has also had to face her share of tragedy at a young age. Her parents were killed in a plane crash when she was very young, and with no other living relatives, she lives alone in an apartment (How she supports herself, I don't know. DON'T ASK me about the Japanese Social Security system!!) This is why she is so motherly to the other Senshi, she fills the void of not having parents with being maternal to her friends.

Better known as Kino Makoto (Makoto = Faithfulness, Kino= Of Wood) outside combat (Lita to us dub fans), Sailor Jupiter was born on December 5, making her a Sagittarius and a Blue Zircon wearer. She attends school with Usagi and Ami (Though she, like Ami, was a late transfer student) at Juuban Junior High (Crossroads Junior High), then to Juuban High. Makoto is known by her girlfriends as Mako-chan, and spends her time cooking for them ahd herself, bargain hunting, cleaning house, ice skating, and thinking every guy she sees looks like her sempai (Someone PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THAT MEANS!!). (In the dub, she is known to say "Wow!! He looks just like my old boyfriend" everytime she sees a guy she thinks is cute), as well as being a WORLD-CLASS FLIRT!! Makoto's strengths are physical strength (She's as strong as an ox) and honesty, and her weakness is that she is deathly afraid of jets as her parents died on one. Makoto dreams of one day owning her own restaurant.

"Jupiter Power, Make Up!!!" (Jupiter Power!)
Says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter
"Supreme Thunder!!" ("Jupiter [Supreme] Thunder Crash!!")
Crosses her hands over her chest with her index and small fingers out on each hand. A small antenna appears on her tiara that collects bolts of lightning. Jupiter says her phrase, then dwaws her arms and legs in as the lightning swirls around, finally releasing it as she extends her limbs.

"Jupiter Star Power, Make Up!!" (Jupiter Star Power!!"
Says this to become Sailor Jupiter
"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" ("Jupiter Thunderclap, ZAP!!")
Hurls a disc of lightning at her enemy.

"Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!!!"
Says this to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter
"Jupiter Oak Evolution!!"
Generates leaf-shaped lightning bolts that turn to wood upon contact

Seiyuu Voice: Shinohara Emi
English Dub Voice:
Susan Roman

"I will drop a punishment of love on you!!!"

Sailor Venus was actually the first 20th century Senshi, for she fought crime as Sailor V in England long before coming to Japan as Sailor Venus with guardian cat Artemis constantly beside her (She left England because of a broken heart). Athletic and beautiful, Venus is even said by Sailor Moon to be able to lead the team (And does at one point - even Sailor Moon must take orders from Venus). At first, Sailor Venus is somewhat serious about life, however, as time progresses, she becomes more ditzy and silly, almost to the point of Usagi (But not to the point of being a chickenhead). The difference between the two is that Venus seldom bursts into tears or panic in a situation. This also crushes the "blonde bimbo" stereotype, though she does have her moments of ditziness (Like the time the Inner Senshi became ill and she had to become the nursemaid -- causing much damage!!).

When she's not battling evil, Sailor Venus is known as either Aino Minako (Aino = Love Of, Minako = Everything - [Ad Nauseum]) or Mina, if you're watching the dub. Her birthday is October 22 (Twelve days before mine), making her birthstone Topaz and her star sign (If you believe in Astrology) Libra.Unlike the other Inner Senshi, Minako attends Shibakouen (Grass Valley) Junior High, later Juuban High School. She loves to waste time, shop, flirt, play volleyball, and gyouza, ramen, and curry rice. She hates shiitake mushrooms, but not much else. While she's lion-hearted and friendly, she's afraid of the police and can be a total airhead at times. Oh, by the way, she dreams of being a pop idol (Maybe Sailor Spice?) someday.

"Venus Power, Make Up!!!" ("Venus Power!")
Says this to transform into Sailor Venus
"Crescent Beam!!" ("Venus Crescent Beam, SMASH!!!")
Shoots a laser beam for her hand

"Crescent Beam Shower!!" ("Venus Meteor Shower!!!")
Creates sseveral shards of powerful light directed at the enemy
"Venus Star Power, Make Up!!!" ("Venus Star Power!!")
Says this to transform into Sailor Venus
"Love Me Chain!!!" ("Venus Love Chain, ENCIRCLE!!!")
Creates a whip from laser hearts that is usually used to take objects from the enemy

"Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!!"
Says this to become Super Sailor Venus
"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!!"
Fires a laser-powered kiss (Don't ask!!!)

Seiyuu Voice: Fukami Rica
English Dub Voice:
Stephanie Morganstern, Emilie Barlow