"In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!!!"

At first glance, Sailor Moon would not appear to be the leader of the Sailor Senshi, much less the Princess of the Moon or the Future Queen of Crystal Tokyo. It's easy to come to that conclusion after seeing her many flaws because no one expects a whiny, flaky, clumsy airhead to be a superheroine. However, beneath her voracious appetite for junk food and her drooling over a certain man in a tux every time he shows up to rescue her lies a loving, honest-hearted young girl with the responsibilities of being a sailor-suited crimefighter as well as the past princess and future queen of two mythical kingdoms thrust upon her shoulders. At first, she doesn't believe that she can even live up to the responsibilities of being Sailor Moon, but in time, she comes to terms with and accepts her destiny. Therefore, being Sailor Moon is quite a growing experience for her. This is why I feel that so many people love Sailor Moon, she has faults just like you and me (Okay, some more obvious than others) and makes no bones about being imperfect.

In civilian guise, Sailor Moon is known as Tsukino Usagi (Usagi = "Rabbit", Tsukino="Of the Moon") or Serena to us North Americans (b.k.a. Odango Atama [Meatball Head]). In the English manga, she is called, quite appropriately, Bunny. Her age ranges from 14 to 16, depending on what season of the series you are watching. Her birthday is June 30, making her birthstone the pearl and her zodiac sign (for those of you who follow star signs) Cancer. She attends Juuban Junior High School (Crossroads Junior High), and later, Juuban High School where her favorite subject is Home Economics and her most hated is just about anything else. She likes ice cream, the colors pink and white, the mall, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, video games, shopping, cake, and sleeping. While Usagi has no trouble being loyal, determined, and kind-hearted, she is (Here's those flaws again) clumsy, lazy, flaky, whiny, boy-crazy, careless, and a brownnoser. Let us remember, though, that Usagi's many flaws are what make her fun and interesting. She is also quite scared of thunderstorms, ghosts, dentists, and falling. Sailor Moon lives with her parents (Kenji & Ikuko) and younger brother (Shingo -- Sammy in the English version--). Usagi is only Senshi with both parents living at home as well as having a sibling. Her dream is to become a bride.


"Moon Prism Power, Make Up!!!" (Moon Prism Power!!)
"Moon Tiara Action" (Moon Tiara Magic)
"Moon Tiara Stardust"
"Moon Power, Ni Nare!!" (Disguise Power)
"Moon Healing Escalation!" (Moon Healing Activation)

"Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!!!" (Moon Crystal/Star Power)
"Moon Princess Halation!!" (Moon Scepter Elimination/Activation)
"Moon Crystal Healing Escalation!!" (Moon Crystal Healing Activation)

"Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!!!"
"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!!"
"Crisis, Make Up!!!" (Transforms into Super Sailor Moon)
"Rainbow Moon Heartache!!!!"

"Moon Crisis, Make Up!!!" (Dual transformation with Chibimoon)
"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!!!"

"Moon Eternal, Make Up!!!"
"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!"
"Silver Crystal Power Kiss!!"

Seiyuu Voice: Mitsuishi Kotono, Araki Kae

English Dub Voice: Tracey Moore, Terri Hawkes, Linda Ballantyne

"On behalf of the future moon, I will punish you!!!"

Ah, sweet Sailor Chibimoon!! Where would we be without the little pink rabbit child? From the time she dropped out of the sky in Sailor Moon R and demanded that Usagi surrender the ginzuishou (Silver Crystal) (In the process, she held a toy gun to Usagi's head, trashed her room, popped up in her bath water, and crawled into her pajamas, all in the same day!!) right up to Sailor Moon Super S (Where she and Usagi still fought over Mamoru), the whole season devoted to her (Talk about representation!!), Chibimoon has always added an element of sweet trouble to the team. She can be a total angel on one hand, yet on the other, she's the anime personification of one of Bebe's Kids. Accompanied by Luna-P (Her toy ball that looks just like Luna) and, later, Diana (Luna and Artemis's future child), her own cat guardian, she manages to turn Sailor Moon's life upside down, as well as divert Mamoru's attention away from Usagi. Oh, by the way, for those of you who don't know, She is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. Did I mention that this is the heifer that folks LOVE to hate (Anyone know whatever happened to C.U.R.E., BTW?)?? Maybe it's her cuteness, maybe it's all that darn pink....

Sailor Chibimoon (or MiniMoon for dub fans) is better known as Chibiusa (Short for Chibi Usagi, or Little Rabbit) when she's not fighting. Those of us in the Western world, however, lovingly refer to her as Rini (Short for Serena). On both hemispheres, Sailor Pluto nicknames her Small Lady. Like her mother, her birthday is June 30, so she's a Cancer and a Pearl girl. She attends Minato-Ku Juuban Elementary (Don't know what that is in the dub) and likes to draw. Though it's never mentioned, by the way she handles the Luna-P, her favorite sport could be basketball. She loves pudding, the colors pink and red, blueberry pancakes (She's obsessed with them in the dub), collecting rabbit-related items, and spending time with Mamoru, but hates carrots, ghosts, and studying the Japanese language. The reason that Sailor Pluto calls her Small Lady is because Chibiusa wants to one day be a lady.

(Note - She doesn't appear until the second season of Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon R) and returns home after Sailor Moon SuperS)

"Luna-P Henge"
Could turn her toy ball, Luna-P, into any simple object of her choice

"Moon Prism Power, Make Up!!"
Says this to become Sailor ChibiMoon
"Pink Sugar Heart Attack"
Uses her small rod to generate heart-shaped fireworks - Because she is a senshi in training, she usually fowls this attack up on the first attempt....

"Moon Crisis, Make Up!!"
Her dual transformation with Usagi to make her Super Sailor ChibiMoon
"Twinkle Yell"
Uses the Crystal Clarion to call upon her Pegasus, Helios

Seiyuu Voice: Araki Kae

English Dub Voice: Traci Hoyt, Stephanie Beard

"Chibi Chibi!!!"

Chibi Chibi may appear to be ChibiUsa or Usagi's relative (Many thought she was Neo Queen Serenity's younger daughter), however, she is really the star seed (Or, the remainder of good) that lies witin Galaxia, the Senshi's enemy from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (The fifth and final season of the anime). She can't say much on her own, as she is just a baby. She can repeat what other people say, however, and usually says "chibi chibi!!" with it (In the manga, she can speak on her own). She can transform into Sailor Chibi Chibi, although it isn't really known if she has any powers. In the manga, however, she transforms into Sailor Cosmos, the final transformation of Sailor Moon. She may not say much, but she is kawaii to the extreme!!

Sailor ChibiChibi's (Chibi = Little, Toddler) exact age is unknown, but she appears to be around two years old. Her birthday is June 30th, and her birthstone is the Pearl. She loves doughnuts and causing mischief (There is one scene in the anime where she is throwing vases around and Eternal Sailor Moon has to catch them). She poses as Usagi's baby sister and lives with Usagi's people Chibi-Usa style (Unlike Chibi Usa, Usagi likes Chibi Chibi from the beginning). She does not have any powers on her own as a Senshi, but powers Eternal Sailor Moon up to give her the Silver Crystal Power Kiss attack.

Seiyuu Voice: Mitsuishi Kotono