"I am the Guardian of Time, the mysterious Sailor Pluto!!!"

One of the four Outer Senshi, the elusive and mysterious Sailor Pluto resides in the Gates of Time as the lonely gatekeeper. She almost never leaves the Gates of Time, and her only friend is Chibi Usa. Pluto was alive long before the Moon Kingdom and is the only Senshi that was not sent to Earth by Queen Serenity (Or, in Chibiusa's case, Neo Queen Serenity). Her years (She's over 2,000 years old, ala Kitana from the Mortal Kombat games!!) have given her wisdom that transcend that of most humans. Ironic that she spends most of her time in the Gates of Time and is more tanned than any of the other Senshi!! An interesting tidbit: In the manga, Sailor Pluto was madly in love with King Endymion, but knew that it could never be, for he was already destined to be with Neo Queen Serenity. My favorite of the Outer Senshi, Pluto proves that good guys DO dress in black!!!

When she's not in battle or on duty, Sailor Pluto is better known as Mei'ou Setsuna (Setsuna = Instant, Mei'ou = King of the Dead). She is known as Trista in the dub, though the most popular fan choices for her English name were Susan or Sharon. Her birthday is October 29 (Scorpios in the house!!). Though she doesn't appear to be in school, her favorite subject is Physics and her most hated is Music. Setsuna's favorite things are green tea, shopping, being with ChibiUsa, and dreaming of being a fashion designer. She hates eggplant and cockroaches.


"Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!!"
(Says this to transform into Sailor Pluto)
"Dead Scream!!"
(Uses the Garnet Orb atop her Time Key to generate a sphere of energy)
"Dark Dome Close!!!"
(Her forbidden attack, used to seal the Gates of Time)

Seiyuu Voice: Kawashima Chiyoko
English Dub Voice: Sabrina Grdevich, Susan Aceron

"I am the elegant Sailor Neptune!!"

Sailor Neptune is like a combination between Mercury and Pluto: Regal and elegant, yet intellectual and refined. She is great in anything she turns her hand to, which usually happens to be the violin, painting, swimming (Like Ami, she has the element water), and collecting cosmetics. Sailor Neptune is the most effeminate and elegant of the Outer Senshi, especially in contrast to her friend, Haruka. The two have a relationship that transcends friendship, as theirs is the Great Love Story of Sailormoon S (In the dub, they were made cousins!!). She would go so far as to sacrifice her very life for Haruka without even batting an eye. Neptune is, beside Pluto, my favorite Outer Senshi.

When not in battle, Sailor Neptune is known as Kai'ou Michiru (Michiru: "To be filled with", Kai: "The Sea", Ou="King"). North Americans can call her Michelle (#1 Fan choice - Her original dub name was to be Nerissa). Her birthday is March 6 (Can someone say PISCES!!!). While her favorite subject is music, she aspires to be a violinist. Michiru loves sashimi and classical music, but hates sea cucumbers (They are animals, for those of you who don't know)


"Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!!"
Says this to transform into Sailor Neptune
"Deep Submerge!!"
Attacks with a giant wave of water as well as an aqua-colored sphere of energy
"Submarine Reflection!!"
Uses her Aqua Mirror to attack with a beam of energy

Seiyuu Voice: Katsuki Masako
English Dub Voice:Barbara Radecki

"Invited by a new age, I am Sailor Uranus!!"

At first glance, Sailor Uranus can easily be mistaken for a man. She, however, is ALL woman, and showed up along with Michiru in Sailor Moon S. She was mistaken for a boy by everyone who met her, even the Inner Senshi! As a matter of fact, Rei, Minako, and Makoto actually developed crushes on her!! She likes to drive race cars, play sports, and prefers to dress, act, and live like a male. She spends almost all of her free time with Michiru, as they are beyond friends (Incidentaly, they were made cousins in the English version!!). However, Haruka would let Michiru and herself die if it meant that the Sailors would lose a mission or if the Moon Princess were in peril. Haruka, in her civilian guise, is the strongest one of the group. In fact, she was the only one that could floor Makoto in a fight!! Anyway, as Sailor Uranus, she is not exactly my most favorite of the Outer Senshi, but she has some of the most powerful attacks this side of anime! She is the most physically powerful of all the Outer Senshi!!

When not fighting, Sailor Uranus is better known as Ten'oh Haruka (Haruka = "Far Away", Ten'oh = "King of the Sky"), though North Americans dub fans can call her Amara - Alexandria and Erica were the top fan choices for her English name. She was born January 27, making her sign Aquarius and her birthstone Garnet. Along with Michiru (and, at one point, Hotaru) attends Mugen Gakuen High, later, Juuban High. She favors salads, track and field, her vintage auto, North American football (GO LIONS!!!), the color gold, and racing, but hates nattou (fermented soybeans) and has a hard time with confessing. She dreams to one day be a professional racer (and was even reluctant to become a Senshi because she felt that it would ruin her career plans!!)

"Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!!!" (Uranus Planet Power)
(Says this to transform into Sailor Uranus)
"World Shaking!!"(Uranus World Shaking)
(Makes a fist above her head, generating a golden ball of energy which combines with lightning-like streaks from the ground and is hurled at the enemy)
"Space Sword Blaster!!" (??)
(Uses her Space Sword to hurl a crescent-shaped beam of energy at her target)

Seiyuu Voice: Ogata Megumi
English Dub Voice: Sara LaFleur

"I am the Senshi of death and rebirth, Sailor Saturn!!!

As Sailor Saturn, Hotaru has more power than any other Senshi, most of which is used for destructive means. She is an unfeeling creature and shows mercy to no one as Sailor Saturn. As Hotaru, she is the character that physically changes the most during the series. In her premiere in Sailor Moon S, She is around 10 or 11. Then she and her father become possesed by evil entities. She then becomes the Sailor's enemy and the evil entity, Mistress Nine (Six-foot-long black hair weave!!!). Unfortunately, Hotaru is killed trying to stop this evil entity, Pharoah 90. Somehow, she becomes an infant and returns in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. She matures in three episodes, and becomes around high-school age, as as she attends Mugen Gakuen High School, the same as Haruka and Michiru. Hotaru has a very odd talent- The ability to heal wounds. This ability leaves her extremely vulnerable to injury, as well as very few friends. She lives in her father's mansion and, until she meets Chibiusa, spends most of her time there in solitude. Sailor Saturn seems to be the most popular of the Outer Senshi, as there are probably more shrines to her than any other character. I like the element of mystery that she brings and that she is not just some girl with a social deficiency and a mad scientist for a father. Personally, she is one of my favorite Senshi, although Pluto is my favorite Outer.

Sailor Saturn's civilian name is Tomoe Hotaru (Hotaru = Firefly, Tomoe = ??? *Email me on this!!*). She was born on January 12, making her a Capricorn. Her favorite subject in school is Ancient History, while she hates Physical Education (Due to being physically weak as Hotaru). She loves Nihon Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles), collecting lanterns, and dreaming of becoming a nurse. The only things that she really hates are milk and marathons.


"Saturn Planet Power, Make Up!!!"
(Though rarely seen, Hotaru says this to transform into Sailor Saturn)
"Death Reborn Revolution!!"
(Her forbidden attack, used to destroy the world....)
"Silent Wall!!"
(Uses her Silence Glaive to generate black bolts of energy that are used as a shield)
"Silent Surprise!!"
(Uses her Silence Glaive to Generate a pink ball of energy that is hurled at the enemy)

Seiyuu Voice: Minaguchi Yuko