Even the most diehard Sailormoon fan needs to test their knowledge!! Look through these and see if you knew that...

Juuban (where all the girls live and play) is a real place in Japan. It's pretty much a 'rich' part of town. The word "Juuban" translates to "Tenth Street"

On that note, all the Sailor Senshi are what we consider 'rich'. Perhaps not to us, but in Japan people generally live in tiny apartments because of overpopulation and the high price of living. The fact Usagi lives in a house (with two-floors) says that she's rich, by knowing this you also know that the Tomoe family is considerably wealthy to be living in a mansion.

Mugen Gakuen (where Michiru, Haruka, and Hotaru went to school) means Infinity Academy.

Sailorironmouse and Sailorleadcrow's alter identities are puns. Ironmouse goes as Chuuko Nezu. Her first name Nezu is the pun, in Japanese Nezumi means mouse or rat. Leadcrow posed as Karasuma Akane, in this case the pun is in the last name.

Karasu means 'crow' in Japanese.

All the Senshi last names are puns on their planets except for Minako's. Take for example how you say Mars in Japanese 'Kasei' which literally means 'Fire Star.' Ka is also pronounced Hi. Fire is the first Kanji in Kasei and also the first one in Hino. All of them work that way except Aino Minako's. Ai means love and Kinsei means Gold Star.

The reason Aino Minako doesn't fit the puns and doesn't use the kanji for 'Kin' is because she was created before Naoko made the other characters.

Touma Yumi and Midorikawa Hikaru the seiyuu for Anne and Earl in SailormoonR, were also the seiyuu for the SMR movie villains, the Kisenian Flower and Fiore.

Cronous, the Father of the Gods in Greek (known as Saturn to the Romans) carried around a scythe to symbolize death when one's time is up. This probably explains why Saturn gets to carry around such a nifty weapon.

Tau Ceti (as in SailormoonS villains) really does exist. If there are evil entities there are not, who knows.

Luna and Artemis are aliens according to the manga.

In Japan, the school year starts in the spring.

The reason why all the attacks are in English, even in a Japanese show is because Japanese really love saying English words.

In the future as Neo-Queen Serenity, Usagi still doesn't write in kanji. (Ami makes alot of comments about that in Sailorstars, kanji is very important, kindergarteners start learning it then.)

Rei-chan isn't some freak who likes to watch fire and tie paper to trees. Her religion, 'Shinto' is a real religion that deals with the spirit world.

On that note, Hikawa Shrine does actually exist in Japan. However, they replaced the original 'hi' kanji on the temple with the 'hi' for fire in the anime.

Naoko moved to Juuban soon after Sailormoon made it big.

There really is a Crown Game Center in Juuban as well Araki Kae (voice of Chibiusa) did the voice of Usagi while Mitsuishi Kotono was ill. This was before she ever did the voice of Chibiusa.

The Talisman are modeled after a Japanese myth about the sun goddess Amaterasu who was enchanted with a mirror. She traded a jewel for a sword which was found by her brother, Susano-ou.

Speaking of myths, Usgai's name, Tsukino Usagi can be broken down as Tsuki no Usagi...Rabbit on the Moon.

Many Asian culutres have a myth about a rabbit on the moon pounding rice cake. In fact, that was Luna's password on that arcade thing she spoke through to talk to Artemis in the first season.

Japanese schools have middle school from 7th to 9th grade, and highschool from 10th to 12th.

Everyone wears a uniform at Japanese schools that look like sailorsuits.

High School and College entrance exams are very competitive. Ami isn't a freak for going to an additional 'cram-school' to study for the college exam.

Japanese culture highly regards respect and honor. The city of Tokyo which is HUGE has a VERY tiny crime rate. If you ever wanted to know why the Sailor Senshi never fight crime, that's why.

Rei's pet birds, Phobos and Deimos are named after the moons of Mars. In the manga, Phobos and Deimos have human forms and are from the planet Coronis

Minako started wearing a red bow in her hair because a boy she liked told her she'd look nice in it. (In the Sailor V manga)

Peruru from the SMSS Movie has the same seiyuu as Kou Yaten..aka Sailorstarhealer.

The Senshi all have castles based on the names of the moons of their home planets. Uranus' castle is called Miranda Castle, Neptune's is Triton Castle, Pluto's is Charon Castle, Venus' is Magellan Castle.

In the manga, Tin Nyanko poses as a foreign exchange student named Suzu Nyanko. Suzu means 'tin bell' in Japanese. In the anime she wears a bell around her neck.

Artemis is the name of the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Diana is the roman name for Artemis. Luna is Moon in Latin.

The manga describes Haruka as being both 'male and female.'

Takeuchi Naoko is such a huge fan of mirrors than she decided to base the fourth series (SMSS) around them.

Speaking of Naoko, she says the character which is most like her is Usagi while the character least like her is Michiru.

It took 200 episodes for Sailormoon to go through 18 volumes of manga

Earl & Ann were the only villains (not from movies) to not come from the manga. They were created so the manga could catch up with the anime.

Mizuno Ami is one of Japan's most liked anime characters. When Naoko originally created her, she didn't plan to make her so developed, but people liked the character so much that Naoko developed her more.

If you look really closely in Sailormoon, you might be able to see the building of TV-Asahi...that's the company that aired Sailormoon.

Back to Leadcrow's name, Karasuma Akane. 'Aka' in Akane means Red. Ooh, she's redcolored too. Also, in Japanese, there is no distinction between the letters L and R...yet another pun.

This has nothing to do with the series, but Calaveras' (of the Ayakashi Sisters) name means 'Skulls' in Spanish.

Midorikawa Hikaru & Touma Yumi did the voices of Earl & Ann and Fiore & the Kisenian Flower respectively. In Fushigi Yuugi, Midorikawa Hikaru and Touma Yumi did the voices of Tamahome and Hongo Yui...enemies. So they were lovers in another (anime) life.

Fiore means Flower in Italian

Naoko originally intended all the Sailor Senshi to wear different Sailorsuits and wear masks.

Sailor Jupiter was originally to be 17 years old

The names of the characters in the North American dub were not the first choices. Sailor Moon was Celeste, then, Victoria, then Darien, Mercury was Blue, Mars was Dana, Jupiter was Sara, then Maggie, Venus was Kari, Monica, and Alicia, and Tux was Mark.

Kunzite's name was changed to Malachite in the Englih dub due to copyright laws.

Not really related to the series, Ail (SMR Villain) means "Garlic" in Italian

The kanji for the "Juu" part of Juuban (Which actually is the number ten in Japanese) looks like a crossroad, which is why the junior high school is called "Crossroads" in the dub.

Speaking of the dub, the only one of the Sailors whose voice actor ever changed was Sailor Jupiter's (Susan Roman)

Emerald's first monster (Droido) bears an uncanny resemblance to Shana from JEM


(Much thanks to the Neverchanging Sailormoon Gateway for almost all of these facts!!!)