You use the Sailor Moon patch on your copy of The Sims

You've been boycotting Power Rangers ever since that awful Saban Moon trailer resurfaced online

You think that Tupac Shakur has a song on one of the Japanese CDs

You burn your house down just so you can talk to the fire

Every time you roast a marshmallow, you say "Fire Soul!!!!!!"

You've ever tried to do an Akuryou Taisan

You tried it, and it worked!!!!!!

You smash a $2,000 computer system because you think that it has been posessed by an evil entity

You eat M&M Minis in the order of your favorite Sailor (Yellow=Sailor Moon, Red=Sailor Mars, Green=Sailor Jupiter, Orange=Sailor Venus, Blue=Sailor Mercury, Brown= Tuxedo Mask, Pink= Sailor Chibimoon)

You eat them in the order they appeared on the series (That would be yellow, brown, blue, red, green, orange, pink)

Everytime you throw a snowball, you say any of Sailor Mercury's attack phrases

You've started a petition to get a Sailor V game out on PlayStation

You're distrustful of pale women in skimpy outfits

Instead of NSYNC or BSB, your favorite boyband is the Three Lights

You've broken several CDs attempting Sailor Moon's tiara attack

You've spent hours in the mirror trying to put your hair up in odango

You have drawings of Destiny's Child dressed up like Sailor Senshi

You've ever tried to send threatening letters to Linda Ballantyne (Especially with cut-out letters from magazines....very Sex Pistols!!)

Your screen name or e-mail address includes the words "sailor", "chibi", "rini" (In any of it's spelings), "usagi", or "tsukino" (e.g.

You have a crescent moon tattooed on any body part that should be covered by underwear

You actually like those techno mixes with Sailormoon sound clips on Napster

You make those techno mixes with Sailormoon sound clips on Napster

You call your play cousin (Who lives 3,000 miles away) just to commentate on the new episodes

SOS sends you Christmas cards

You've actually had a physical fight with someone who said that Sailor Moon sucked

You've spent more than your annual income at

Whenever you eat spaghetti & meatballs, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling

You played the Moonmix MIDI at a party

You ever customized JEM dolls into Sailor Senshi (Well, Raya would make a cool Sailor Jupiter...)

You've ever called a radio station and given a shout-out to you favorite WPR

You went to a beauty salon and requested a "Hotaru"

You want to marry Hitoshi Doi

A night of Japanese snack foods and VKLL's fansubs is your idea of a hot date ("Pass the Pocky and pop in that "Saint Tail" tape, LaQuita!!")

You show up to marital arts classes wearing pumps

You've ever set up a cheerleading routine to "Moon Revenge"

You tried to get Kotono Mitsuishi to sing at your wedding

You always wear Japanese uniforms to school....but you live in Canada

You plan your clothing colors around those of your favorite Senshi

You only date girls with long blond pigtails

You always get the urge to talk like a Valley Gril and use Ebonics at the same time ("Missy, you're, like, SO off the heezy fo cheezy jiggy, girlfriend!! West SIIIIIDE!!!")

You make up some lame excuse just to buy the dolls (e.g."This is for my niece, Kevin!")

You talk to fire.

You carry around a plastic red rose....just in case.

You get a 31% on a test and think that at least you did better than Sailor Moon.

You get a computer just to go to Sailor Moon Websites.

eBay sends you Christmas cards

You Paint a Crescent moon on your cat's forehead.

You dye your hair pink, blue, or green to look like your favorite Sailor.

You stay after school everyday so you can be as smart as Ami

Whenever you get in trouble, you wait for a girl in a sailor suit to save you

You always speak of Crystal Tokyo

You buy any of the CDs and listen to them twenty times a day

You wear a tuxedo everywhere

You where one anywhere, and your a girl!!

Every time you see a full moon, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling

You think that the kids that you are babysitting are from the Dead Moon Circus

You dress like Sailor Venus for Halloween....and you're not female!!!!!

You try to spot subliminal messages in any of the episodes!

You only come alive during Chemistry when the teacher mentions Plutonium, Uranium, Neptunium, or Mercury.

Naoko Takeuchi has a restraining order out against you

You've ever tried the Sailor Teleport

You go around sticking grocery store reciepts to people's heads saying "Mars Fireball, Charge!!!

You run a church dedicated to any character

You always wait for some nut in a tuxedo to rescue you!!

You can't remember your family's birthdays, but you know all of the ones of Sailor Moon

You get mad when someone uses the English names for the characters ("She's Usagi, NOT SERENA!!!")

You weigh 400 pounds, yet you insist on cosplaying as Sailor Starfighter