The following MP3s are various remixes featuring Sailormoon characters or songs. All are here for your listening pleasure, but please do not directly link any files, as this causes bandwidth problems and is a ToS violation for many web providers.

Sailormoon Platinum Power Mix (by Yours Truly!!) 2.31 MB
Lojick's Moon Mix -
4.86 MB
Sailormercury Techno Mix -
1.41 MB
Sailorpluto Techno Mix -
1.46 MB
Sailorchibimoon Techno Mix -
1.2 MB


Warrior of Love
Tuxedo Mask Entrance
Moonlight Densetsu(JP)
I Wanna be A Star
So you Wanna be A Superstar?
Opening Theme
A New Day
Alan's Flute
Moon Revenge (Remix)
A Maiden's Policy
Carry On
A Slow Tuxedo Mask
Another Rini BGM
I Can't Leave You Alone
Chinese Moon Theme
Episode 1 Narration BGM
I am Sailor Moon...
Sailor Star End Theme
Sailor Star Opening Theme
Scout Tranformation
She's Got The Power
SM I will Punish you
Some BG Music
Title Screen BGM
Tuxedo Knight
It's Useless to Only Dream
Jazzy Ending
Luna's BGM
Makeup! Uranus and Neptune
Melvin's BGM
Moon Cosmic Power Make Up!
Moon Healing Activation
Moon Locket
Moon RevengeOriginal
Moon Tiara...Moon Sceptre...
Moonlight Densetsu (box)
My Only Love
Oh Starry Night
Old Negaverse BGM
Only A Memory Away...
Rainy Day Man
Reenie's BGM
Route Venus
Sad Sailor Moon Theme
Sailor Moon BGM
Sailor Moon Transformation Sequence
Tenou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru
The Ambitions of the Death Busters
Tuxedo Mirage
You're Just My Love