Welcome to the pride and joy of this site!! All videos are in AVI format and unzipped (Unless indicated). Also, all videos are stored on my KTurn account, so...

"Who Do You Think You Are?" - Spice Girls
3.23 MB
This very short video was my first attempt at video editing software, and combined two SM clips with the music from another AVI. Short, but sweet!!

"Ya No" - Selena
17.1 MB
This is the final battle between Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl (Taken from the dub episode, "Day of Destiny"). I always thought this song (Which is in Spanish, BTW) fit this scene perfectly!!

"I Could Fall In Love" - Selena
18.1 MB
This very poignant video was actually done by another SM fan. I added different music (The song was originally "My Only Love").

"Get Up" - Amel Larrieux
11.4 MB
This video shows off some of the highlights of our favorite blonde odango atama, Tsukino Usagi! Very funny moments!!

"She's Got The Power" - Jem & The Holograms
8.5 MB (MPG File)
My first contribution (Thanks
White Sun!!), this video uses footage from the end of the Sailor Moon R Movie. The song fits very well with the scene!!!