When Toei Animation was deciding who should hold the rights to Sailor Moon in North America, Saban was one of the candidates and DiC was the other. While DiC presented an English-dubbed version of the anime (Which is the one that we see today), Saban wanted to make a completely new series that used live action and animation. While the animation was bland and off-model, it was a joy compared to the corny, politically incorrect, and outright horrible live action sequences. The whole thing was basically Sweet Valley High, She-Ra, and Power Rangers thrown in a blender and pureed. A bootleg copy of the trailer that Saban presented somehow got onto the Internet a few years ago, and made Sailor Moon fans the world over want Haim Saban beheaded. SABAN SCOUT PROFILES:

Saban Moon

Saban Jupiter
Saban Mars
Saban Venus

Saban Mercury